Disease, and the light of humanity

January 5, 2006

Hank has caught the bug that Owen had. Today, we saw a slower, and more reflective Hank, who seemed to be going through some sort of existential crisis. He began the day, or night, or whatever, buy coming repeatedly to the door of my room in the the dark of the night, to explain various impresions or feelings he was having. Such as, My brain is dizzy. Oh, you know, just sort of dizzy-feeling-head. And that he wanted to have a show now, please, and so on. He’s never made the dizzy-feeling claim before. Near as I can tell, what he means is: I can tell I’m sick. Later in the day, we ill-advisedly decided to drag him to “play” in a popular shopping mall, among giant, slippery, and suprisingly soft fruit. We decided it was about time to move along for a fun ice cream when he began laying flat on his back in the middle of the play area. He was further not put of by another blond bo (1 or so, 20 pounds, blond, charmingly and brightly dressed, very pregnant and apologetic and good natured mom), apparently mistaking sickness for weakness, kept giving him the Jimmy Superfly Snuka. After we left, he posed a number of fascinating-from-a-5-year-old questions (I guess they all are, if you posed them to your dad), but sadly, the only one I can remember was this: “Dad. Do you ever feel like you are living in a dream?” I explained that there are several folks who, indeed, have felt the same way.


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