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D to the I to the T

February 8, 2006

We decided to go to the Dit (this is Hank-speak for the unspeakable: McDonald’s. Long story.) tonight for dessert and playtime on the indoor play area. Owen climbed to the top of the tower (Where Adults Fit, But Just Barely), and pooped. Not that he mentioned anything about it to us. When he came down, we could smell the evidence, though. Phew. Heather tried to clean him up in the
bathroom, so that we would not have to smell him all the way home, but there was some incident in which, apparently hands and face ended up with some fecal matter on them. So he had a bath.


Dog Feeds Self

February 5, 2006

Today, Hank was hungry, and I was tired.  We sent him into the kitchen to pour himself cereal.  He’d never done that before, but he pulled it off.  We waited in our bedroom while we listened to him carrying out the various tasks we’d reminded him he needed to accomplish.  Remove clean bowl from dishwasher.  Remove spoon, too.  Choose cereal.  Careful with the milk!  It was like that old commercial were the man sends his dog into the kitchen to get beer, and you can hear the dog opening the beer, pouring, etc.  Also, a test to upload a picture from Flickr.  O!